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Add a Little Fun to Your House

Decorating has gone next level after quarantine. Bring in color, texture, and emotion into your space.

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Give Your Baby Hair Some Love

Thoughtfully designed with form & function in mind, this Edge Styler is possibly the only tool you never knew you needed.

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Mass produced "art" creates a stale environment. We've curated a collection of genuine work from artists that we support and believe in.

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New Arrivals

Miranda Evans

Miranda Evans is a painter from Southern California currently working in San Francisco. Working primarily with watercolor paint, she is interested in exposing inner conflicts, resolutions and evolution through self portraiture and symbolism. 

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Anjelica Alubowicz is a Los Angeles based artist.
Inspired by her Black and immigrant roots, her work honors the necessity and functionality of art and craft in these communities.
All items are hand sculpted with intention and joy, giving her body-centric work a more human feel.

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Amanda Hummes

Amanda Hummes is a Brazilian artist based in Los Angeles. She is passionate about studying Visual Arts, in all of its aspects: from history to fine technique. Deeply into hand-built ceramics, Amanda is exploring new possibilities to this ancient practice.

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