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Card Game in Curiosity Edition


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A card game and a mission to spread empathy, Actually Curious helps players build connections through meaningful questions.

The Original Curiosity Edition explores questions of background, values and views on important issues.

  • The deck consists of 15 blue, 17 green, 12 yellow, 8 red cards - 52 in total
  • Pocket-sized; the size of a standard playing card deck
  • Eco-friendly & socially conscious
  • Produced with ethical labor and paper supply

Actually Curious, founded by Michael Tennant, is a tool to spread empathy and fight divisiveness in this country. Playing a fun and competitive card game is a sneakily effective way of disarming the defenses and getting into important topics. 

Drawing references from psychologists, journalists, crisis negotiators, game developers, parents, and friends, Actually Curious came up with a game that is teaching us the tools of having conversations with empathy.